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One World Vegetarian Cuisine

24 Mar

I have been dying to try a local vegan restaurant for quite some time now.  It’s called One World Vegetarian Cuisine, but it’s actually vegan. Maybe they thought putting “vegan” in the title would scare people away. Jordan wanted to go out to dinner the other night, so I suggested we finally try it. I figured it would take some sweet talking to try to get Travis there anyway since it is a 100% vegan restaurant.

We were seated right away and promptly given ice water and a little plate of peanuts. Peanuts? Interesting, but pretty darn tasty.


We started our meal by splitting an appetizer. One of my friends had suggested I try the spring rolls with peanut dipping sauce. Jordan wanted to get them because the menu description said they contained “fresh mints” instead of “fresh mint” and she thought that was cute. 😉 We both enjoyed them very much, and they were easily our favorite part of the meal.



This is one of those vegan restaurants that relies heavily on meat substitutes, which I am not particularly fond of. I’d rather eat beans, lentils, and tofu instead of fake chicken or beef. Jordan said that we at least had to try one of the fake meats, so we ordered this scary thing. It looks like chicken, no? image

We agreed that the texture was “different.” Jordan said it tasted like cereal and I thought it tasted like the Stove Top Stuffing that my family likes to eat on Thanksgiving. We didn’t even eat half of it between the two of us, but hey, at least we tried something that was scary to us.

They have a very large and diversified menu that includes cuisine from all parts of the world. They have asian main dishes, salads, soups, burgers, burritos, tacos, comfort food, and freshly baked vegan desserts.

image Jordan ordered some kind of soup that tasted very similar to Vietnamese Pho. I liked it, but it wasn’t spectacular.


I ordered the Golden Masterpiece. You can see the description of it on the menu above. I think it was trying to be some kind of teriyaki dish, but to me it tasted like croutons dipped in teriyaki and soy sauce. It came with a side of brown rice and sliced tomatoes. I think the “teriyaki” was something similar to a textured vegetable protein that had been deep fried. Had I known it was going to be fried, I would have chosen something else because I am not particularly fond of fried foods (except french fries…but who doesn’t love those?!).




Here’s that scary “Chick-Un” again. It even looked like chicken when we cut into it. It was bizarre and it kind of freaked me out. image

I don’t think Jordan and I will be rushing back anytime soon. I think we could have done better as far as menu selections go. We went out on a limb and ordered things that were intriguing to us, rather than playing it safe with more traditional fare.  I would like to give their veggie burgers and burritos a try sometime down the road when I forget about how the “chick-un” made my stomach churn.

If I were rating them on a five-star scale, I would give them 2 1/2 stars for a solid effort, a clean environment, and friendly staff, but as far as food goes, they are missing the mark.

Update on the 39 Day-Vegan:

I have been vegan for two weeks now and I feel great. I’ve lost some weight and I have so much more energy than before. I’ll admit that I eat egg whites on occasion because I don’t always enjoy eating protein that has carbohydrates attached to it. Too many carbs makes me feel bloated and uneasy and I found that I simply wasn’t eating anything at all in order to avoid this feeling. I figured supplementing my diet with egg whites was better than not eating at all.

Do you have any favorite vegan or vegetarian restaurants that you visit?

Enjoy your Thursday night. I know I will because there is a NEW Grey’s Anatomy on TV. Hooray!



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