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Early Morning Yoga Session

3 Jun

Good Morning!!

I am in a cheery mood and it’s not even 6am yet! I love that feeling. The picture above is to represent the tranquil, happy mood I am. I took it on a motor boat tour when my friends and I visited the island of Capri off the coast of Italy. That was a wonderful day……

I woke up early today because my phone rang at 5am with some strange number. I ignored it but then could not fall back asleep, so I decided to take advantage of some free time and get in a yoga session!

Sometimes I do “On Demand” yoga on my tv and I am never dissapointed by the workout I get!  Today I did 10lb Slimdown Yoga with Chris Freytag. She led a great 20-25 minute yoga class in the comfort of my living room! It was a yoga flow session, so there’s no resting. It’s one pose to the next, and by the end of the class my shoulders were exhausted!

When I get back into yoga, I am always shocked at how weak and inflexible I have become since the last time I did it. Typcially, I’ll get on a good kick and do yoga a few times a week for a couple months, but then I fall of the wagon and I won’t get back to it for another couple of months. I really liked waking up early today and starting my day off with a little workout. I feel refreshed, strong, and energized! It’s nice to have some quiet time before Travis and our roommate start stirring around, too…Perhaps I will make this a habit!!!

I made a big mug of green tea afterwards, which I am sipping right now as I type this.

Early Morning Yoga Session + Green Tea = ZEN

Oh, and not that I’m counting, but 9 more days until school is over, but then it’s on to summer school. Oh my! I think I forgot to tell you that I am TEACHING this summer!! I will be teaching summer school to the same students I’m working with now as an instructional assistant. I’m really excited and I’ve been working hard to get things together! I’m glad I had my yoga session to get me focused on what I need to do next!

When it comes to exercise, are you a morning person who likes to start their day off with a good sweat? Or do you prefer to end your day with a workout?



P.S. TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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