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My First Day

20 Jun

I hope this Monday finds you all well. Travis and I had a nice weekend. Busy, but nice. Here we are at the wedding:

 I told you…nearly identical to this wedding.

So…onto the events of the day.

Today was my first day as an actual teacher with my own classroom! I was so nervous all weekend and I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get everything prepared.

The floor of my living room looked like the teacher supply store exploded and left its contents strewn about my sofa, floor, coffee table, kitchen table, countertop, entertainment center, and wherever else there was free space.

When the kids arrived, my nerves settled and I eased into “teaching mode,” which comes naturally (much to my surprise). Sometimes I’ll be teaching and it’s like I am listening to someone else speaking. “Where the heck did I learn this stuff?” I think to myself…

We had so much fun singing songs, dancing silly, coloring pictures, swinging on swings, and creating stories for our journals. We counted the spots on ladybugs, built castles from linking cubes, sorted shapes and colors, learned new patterns, and sang the months of the year in Spanish (a new one!!).

I’ve worked with these kids for 6 months, but today I saw sides of them that I hadn’t before. I can’t explain it, but they all seemed different. They all looked different. It was very strange, but also very cool.

Now I am home and exhausted and really dreading the final project that is due in class tomorrow night…mainly because I haven’t done a lick of it yet.

Thank goodness that I have a thick slice of toasted zucchini bread to pull me through.

 That would be homemade cream cheese frosting spread over top.

Oh yes.

The frosting is leftover from yesterday’s baking endeavor:

 Carrot Cake! Made to resemble an increasingly popular chain of cakeries in the area.

It was everything I dreamed that a carrot cake should be! Don’t fret…the recipe will be coming shortly.

With a warm cup of coffee in hand, I am off to tackle this project. Wish me luck and also pray that the caffeine goes to work soon because I am fading quickly.

Goodnight friends.


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