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San Diego Safari Park

17 May

Last Christmas, Travis bought me tickets to the San Deigo Zoo Safari Park. We were finally able to find a free weekend between the two of us, so we took off on a mini vacation!

We had such a great time at the Safari Park. It was so relaxing walking around and watching the animals. Travis especially loved the elephants and their antics. They are incredibly interesting creatures to observe. We couldn’t have asked for better weather either. It was sunny, but still fairly cool, and because it is spring time, all of the animals had little babies! I think seeing all the little ones was my favorite part.

We wrapped up the evening with a trip to Bronx Pizza, which had been recommended to us by Travis’s friend, Tom. Good call, Tommy. It was delicious. (It was no Original Pizza, but don’t tell Travis I said so.) I love a good, thin crust, and Bronx fit the bill. The pies are huge too! They only have one size: 18 inches. Otherwise, you can order by the slice, but I wanted that fresh-out-of-the-oven flavor (and who doesn’t love leftover pizza, anyway?).

Here are some pictures to recap our trip! Enjoy!

Happy Tuesday!


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