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We All Scream For Green Beans

31 Jan

Why is it that when you call something a fry, it is instantly more exciting?

Take these two scenarios, for example:

1.) Travis: “Lou, what’s for dinner tonight?”

Lou: “Salad and roasted green beans.”

Travis: “Oh.”


2.) Travis: “Lou, what’s for dinner tonight?”

Lou: “Salad and green bean fries!!”

Travis: “Green bean fries?! Lou, you are my hero.”

Lou: (nods in agreement)

Now which one sounds more fun? Scenario number 2. Silly question.

Last week was the week of “fries.” We had sweet potato fries, butternut squash fries, and green bean fries. Vegetables are so much more appealing when you get to eat them with your hands and dip them in ketchup.

Another bonus is that these fries are acceptable during any week of the Whole Living Action Plan. I’m currently in week two. Travis is currently in week…oh wait, he quit. After day 3. Weak sauce.

Green Bean Fries


  • 1 pound green beans, stems removed and rinsed.
  • salt and pepper, to taste
  1. Preheat oven to 425F and line a rimmed baking sheet with foil or parchment. Spray foil lightly with cooking spray.
  2. After rinsing green beans, dry well on a kitchen towel. Transfer to baking sheet and spray with cooking spray. Season with salt and pepper.
  3. Bake “fries” 30-40 minutes, flipping once halfway through cooking time. The green beans should be slightly shriveled and should have a nice, dark char on them in a few spots. Serve with ketchup. Serves 2
Dry the beans well so they crisp up!


Look! A curly fry!!


When the fries are done, they should like something like this. How exciting!!


Now get in touch with your inner child and dip shamelessly into some ketchup!

Question of the day: “Do you ever make “fries” out of other vegetables? Which veggies are your favorite?” I’m on the hunt for my fry-worthy veggies…

Have a good one,


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