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No Cooking Means No Recipes

30 Aug




I haven’t posted any recipes because I haven’t been cooking. Instead, I’ve been eating at places where they serve such things as Garbage Burritos, Thanksgiving Burgers, Papa and Mama Meals, and French “double dip” sandwiches. I’ve also hit up the joints that have peanut shells all over the floors because well, sometimes I just like to throw my food on the floor.

Below is Travis at El Burrito. It’s an icon in his family and I finally got the chance to go. It’s quite a ways away, but we happened to be in the area taking care of some paperwork.


I ordered taquitos with red sauce and he got his with a very creamy guacamole.


Nex up: the Thanksgiving Burger from Slater’s 50/50. It’s a turkey patty topped with cranberry sauce, stuffing, crispy onions, and sage mayo. It tasted like Thanksgiving on a bun. Travis ordered that, not I.  20110830-072606.jpg

I ordered the house made veggie patty on ciabatta, with cucumber, sauteed onions, fried pickles, pepper jack cheese, green leaf lettuce, and barbeque sauce. Deeeelish!


After that was a place where the ceiling was decorated like this and “God Bless America” was written all over the walls. Enough said.


And then, my sisters and I gobbled down some French dips at Phillipe’s in Los Angeles. Remember my first post about this place? It was as good as the first time.  Pictured below from left to right: 65 cent iced tea, Split pea soup, chocolate cake, macaroni salad (yum!), double dipped French dip, 75 cent lemonade, and a huge slice of apple pie. 20110830-072656.jpg

All this adventurous eating is because I spend my days and evenings trying to turn my classroom into something more “child-friendly” than this: 20110830-072734.jpgI haven’t had time to grocery shop enough to buy more than the essentials, which means dinner is either eaten out, or consists of a bowl of cereal and a couple of scoops of Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food.  I am not the picture of health right now, but I think this post has made that more than clear.

With all the work to be done lately, I have resorted to this to get the crazies out:

 Jumping on the bed is recommended during stressful times. 😀

Have a good one.





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