Day 4: Cardio

10 Mar

We’re strenghtening our core, sculpting our arms, and staying hydrated, but it’s time to mix some cardio into this equation!

Day 4’s challenge is to get outside or get the gym and spend at lease 20 minutes in some kind of cardio exercise. It can be running, swift walking, the elliptical, a nice hike, a vigorous bike ride…etc. My exercise of choice will be running since my achilles is feeling much better!!!!!  🙂

It’s often hard for me to find the time to get my run in on the nights when I have class because I drive from work, stop by home for a quick breather, and then head off to school. Tomorrow I will have to trade my 20 minutes on the couch for 20 or 30 minutes out on the road.

Just 15 minutes of exercise per day can greatly reduce stress levels, which in turn, lowers blood pressure and may protect against coronary heart disease. Events at work have me feeling like my heart is on the verge of exploding. I’ve had quite a bit of anxiety lately, so I know that it’s important for my body and mind to get outside and run some of that frustration out.

I have been keeping up the challenges from the previous days, and I hope you are too! My abs and back were sore today and I was a little shaky during the workouts this evening! I am also sipping my last 8oz. of the 64oz. that I am supposed to drink today. It seems so simple to drink water, but finding the time to fill up my water bottle at work is difficult!

I have to get my lunch packed for tomorrow and hit the hay. I’m fighting off a cold. Sleep is my weapon.



Does exercise make you feel more relaxed at the end of a crazy day? (Don’t forget to leave your comments/concerns/questions/encouragement in the comments section!!)

3 Responses to “Day 4: Cardio”

  1. Mom and Dad March 10, 2011 at 5:39 pm #

    Lou, Lou, you are an amazing young woman! Keep up the good work. M&D


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