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Day 1: Ab Challenge

7 Mar

It’s March! That means a couple things:

1) My birthday is in a few days (March 12th!)

2) It’s only a couple months until the weather warms up and the bikinis start coming out.

It’s time to start getting into swimsuit shape, no excuses allowed! I don’t know about you, but I could use a little motivation to shed this “winter coat.”  I found a great ab workout online that I’m going to stick to, but I need your help because I will fail if I do it all alone.

I’m going to take this challenge one step further. For the next seven days, I will add another challenge for you to partake in, but here’s the catch: the challenges accumulate. So today you do abs, tomorrow you do the next challenge plus the abs. On day 3, you do the challenges for days 3, 2, and 1…so on and so forth. By the seventh day, you will be participating in every challenge aforementioned. Got it? Hopefully we will all want to continue our good work after the 7 days is over. 🙂

Day 1 Challenge: Abs

Click the following link to find the video that will give you that toned tummy you’ve been wanting. For those of you in great shape already, do it twice. Make it burn!!

Super Ab Challenge

Get to it! I already did mine.


Oh…I almost forgot to tell you about our Dr. Seuss party! It went very well and the kids LOVED the green eggs and ham.

I wore my jammies, too!

Want to know something funny? I am watching an episode of ‘Friends’ right now, and they mentioned ‘green eggs and ham’ and ‘jammies’ as I was typing this. Weird.

Check back tomorrow for the next challenge. I will post the next one in the morning so you can get started bright and early, if you please.

If you are joining me in this challenge, post a comment below so that we can motivate each other throughout the next week! I need to know I’m not alone!


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