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Never say Never

1 Mar

Four months ago I presented my thesis. I hypothesized, I researched, I wrote, I cried, I kept on writing. I painstakingly proofread every word on every page. I printed it, I bound it, and I turned it in.

Done and Done. I’m never going back.

Or so I thought.

If you asked me four months ago if I would get another degree, credential, masters, or even try for my doctorate, I would have laughed in your face. Heck, I probably would have laughed in your face if you asked me this question last week. It’s crazy how quickly life can change.

I don’t know what prompted it, but I got a little itch so I scratched it. The itch subsided, but came right back. Was I really beginning to entertain the thought of another credential? I guess I was.

My new job as an aide in an autism classroom has ignited a spark that I never knew existed. I love the students. LOVE them. Not a day passes when I don’t laugh hysterically at the things they say and do. They are hilarious little people and they know it. The humor doesn’t come from their difficutly in  understanding and processing things. They understand perfectly. They know they are funny. Sure, they are as much of a challenge as they are humorous, but the reward of seeing them succeed and progress is worth every new wrinkle on my forehead.

So here I am, enrolled in a Moderate/Severe Special Education Credential Program to start TOMORROW. Yeesh. Never say Never. In all honesty, I am very excited.

I am also very excited about a package that came for me today!!!



I ordered my very first batch of Glo Bars after eyeing them for a year on Oh She Glows! They came at the perfect time too because I was just about to enjoy my afternoon cup of coffee.

There are four flavors and I recieved an assortment of 20 bars.


The first one I tried was the Cranbery, Apricot, Spelt. It was very good. Chewy but with bits of crisp rice cereal for a bit of crispiness. The tart cranberries made the bar. I am going to try the Chi Glo Bar next.

Wish me luck on my 19th first day of school! Have a great evening!


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