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Cherry Chocolate

3 Feb

Hi All. Just a quick update: I’ve updated the recipes page (the link is above on the right). You can find all the recipes I’ve made so far in their respective categories.

I think I ate about 20 servings of vegetables today between the red chard soup and garbanzo veggie burgers! I also started the day off on the right foot with a Green Monster that contained AT LEAST 5 cups of spinach.

I also got a coupon in my inbox for a FREE Green & Black’s Organic Chocolate Bar. If there’s one thing you should know about me, “free” is my favorite word….after “chocolate” of course. So you can see how excited I must have been to find this treasure waiting to be printed. I chose this bar:

60% cocoa with whole dried cherries

It is decadent. The chocolate is dark without being bitter, and the whole dried cherries are abundant and impart a pleasant tart flavor and chewy texture. I typically play it pretty safe with my chocolates, buying solid dark chocolate or chocolate with espresso on occasion. Since this bar was free, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and I am more than happy that I did!

Today was exhausting. I’m glad tomorrow’s Friday. I have a fun post for tomorrow so come back soon, ok?


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